Pratit International

Pratit International’s mission is driven by its focus on comprehensive primary health care to some of the world’s poorest communities. We thrive on a corps of local physicians that follow patients longitudinally to meet their wide-ranging medical needs. Our team of physicians is augmented by a robust corps of community health workers that extend essential medical care to the patient’s home. Primary, preventative, and proactive medicine form the pillars of our clinics. This enables us to address population health from a horizontal, all-encompassing approach, rather than through disease specific vertical interventions.

We operate a network of mobile clinics that rotate through multiple slum communities. In order to galvanize the local community, we set up our clinics in accessible public spaces such as school houses or civic centers. Community members are given agency to drive our clinical programs to best serve the needs of their own neighborhoods. For instance, Pratit ensures that each community has a dedicated group of local liaisons that are involved in scheduling clinics, coordinating follow up care, triaging patients and developing health education programs.


Care at Pratit International’s clinics goes far beyond simple one time acute care visits. We partner with a network of diagnostic centers, specialist providers and hospitals to guarantee that each patient receives the full scope of treatment that they require. Each of our patients are provided an electronic medical record and ID card which enables for close monitoring and follow up care.

Achievements at a Glance 2017

patients treated during 75 mobile clinics
patients registered in our Medical Records system
Diagnostic Blood Tests Performed
Diagnostic Imaging Tests Performed
Cost to the patient

Looking Forward

In 2018, we are proud to unveil the plans for Panacea Clinic, an Initiative of Pratit International. Panacea Clinic will serve as a self-sustaining Health Center in North Kolkata that focusses on structured primary care.

The Clinic will feature Primary Care Providers that specialize in comprehensive, preventative, and proactive health care services available to all sections of society. A robust community health worker program will ensure extension of primary care to the home.


Panacea Clinic will function as a social enterprise. In order to ensure access to vulnerable populations, we plan to implement a cost sharing model that is based upon Social Determinants of Health (SDH). Patients will complete an enrollment questionnaire, from which they will receive a Health Equity Index score based on the following components: Income, Education, Access to electricity, clean water, and food security.

Those individuals with lower access to social determinants of health based on the Health Equity Index score will receive subsidized primary care while those with greater resources will be charged fare prices for high quality health care. The entirety of this excess revenue will be reinvested in Pratit’s social welfare mission. Fundamentally, we propose a scalable project which can sustainably expand access to vital health care resources for deeply vulnerable populations.

Services to be Offered

• Structured & Comprehensive Primary Care

• Community Health Worker Home Visits

• Specialist Visits

• Telemedicine

• Pharmacy

• Physical Therapy


   o X-Ray

   o ECG

   o Blood Tests

   o Ultrasound